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2017 Submissions

Past Life <Hektik> Dubstep Song
Dying <Hektik> Experimental Song
Sweet Everything <Hektik> R&B Loop
New Title New Wave Loop
Playful New Wave Loop
Sweet Somethings <Hektik> R&B Loop
Sweet Nothings <Hektik> R&B Song
The Upside Down Synthwave Song
Dream Cloud New Wave Song
Specter Trance Song
Poltergeist Siren New Wave Song
Ridley's theme (WIP) New Wave Song
WTF Bro... Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Westside Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Warped New Wave Loop
Chill Girl R&B Song
A Lil' Smooth but a Banger Hip Hop - Modern Song
Off the Cuff Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Hyphy <Hektik> Dance Song
Atlas Techno Song
Jump (Hektik techno cover) Techno Song
Cinematic Score Hip Hop - Modern Song
Addict New Wave Loop
Acid Overdrive Experimental Loop
Navigator to Heaven New Wave Song
Lazy Days New Wave Loop
Shards Hip Hop - Modern Loop
It Is What It Is <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Daddy Ambient Song
NG OG 2 Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Hollow <WIP> Dubstep Song
Cannabis New Wave Loop
New Wave New Wave Loop
Real Chill <Hektik> New Wave Song
Summer 2005 part 2 New Wave Song
Summer 2005 part 1 New Wave Song
My 1st Beat (circa 2002) Experimental Song
Go Hard Hip Hop - Modern Loop
My Church New Wave Loop
Erotica 2Xx. New Wave Song
Chopsticks New Wave Loop
It's a Trap! Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Amok Video Game Loop
Art (wip) Experimental Song
This Is What I Do New Wave Song
Cash Me Outside Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Champagne on Ice Hip Hop - Modern Loop
No Malice Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
NG OG Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Delirium <Hektik> New Wave Loop
Swizz Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Trigger Man Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Cool Kid New Wave Loop
2k17 <Hektik> New Wave Loop
Closer Ambient Loop
Under The Bed <Hektik> Experimental Song
Titan II Video Game Loop
Dissonance <Hektik> Synthwave Loop
Titan <Hektik> Video Game Loop
Layer You Down <Hektik> R&B Loop
Grave Danger <Hektik> New Wave Loop
We Were Just Kids <Hektik> New Wave Loop
Quest Melody <Hektik> New Wave Loop
Clap Back <Hektik> New Wave Loop
Shots Fired <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Loop
#MAGA <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Loop
High Heavens New Wave Song
Aquarius New Wave Loop
Victorious <Hektik> New Wave Loop
Drive By Nerdcore Song
The Orient <Hektik> New Wave Song
Reckless General Rock Loop
Cloud 9 New Wave Loop
Don T Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Dystopia? <Hektik> Experimental Song
Brotherhood <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Playground <Hektik> New Wave Song
Pop Star <SwingSet Version> Video Game Song
Pop Star <Hektik> New Wave Song
Lineage III <Hektik> New Wave Song
Lineage II <Hektik> New Wave Song
Lineage I <Hektik> New Wave Song
Sin <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Song
On Edge in Space <Hektik> New Wave Loop
Calm in Space <Hektik> New Wave Loop
Muff Muff Muff <Hektik> New Wave Loop
Mustard on the Beat <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Song
Hollow <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Solstice <Hektik> New Wave Loop
You Know I love You R&B Loop
Vivid <Hektik> New Wave Loop

2015 Submissions

Aurora <Hektik> New Wave Loop
WIP New Wave Loop
Faded New Wave Song
You Use To Call Me Hip Hop - Modern Song
Magic Forest Video Game Song
Stratus New Wave Loop
A King is Born Hip Hop - Modern Song
Attack of the Holidays! New Wave Loop
Disturbia Miscellaneous Loop
Sullen <Dark Atmosphere> Goth Loop
Smoke Another One, Bro Hip Hop - Modern Song
Nonsense Experimental Song
H-E-K-T-I-K New Wave Song
Distraction New Wave Song
Just For You <Hektik> New Wave Song
Softer Side <Hektik> New Wave Song
Life's a Beach New Wave Loop
Level Up Video Game Loop
Strolling Along New Wave Loop
Gift New Wave Song
The Unborn <Hektik> Industrial Song
TKO Hip Hop - Modern Song
Rolling One Up Hip Hop - Modern Song
ASMR Experimental Song
2k15 Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Yessir New Wave Loop
Stars <Hektik> Video Game Loop
Fireworks New Wave Song
Yep Yep Yep Yep Yep Yep Yep R&B Loop
Ring Ya Bell <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Song
Infallible Love New Wave Loop
Back Alley Nights New Wave Song
Aqua <HEKTIK> Video Game Song
Let's Take it There <HEKTIK> Video Game Song
Ungodly Hip Hop - Modern Song
Echoes Hip Hop - Modern Song
Funsize Video Game Loop
Chopper Hip Hop - Modern Song
Above the Clouds New Wave Song
BIT of Trouble <Hektik> Video Game Loop
Flipside <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Inspire <Hektik> New Wave Song
Requiem Video Game Loop
Blizted!! New Wave Loop
Prism <Hektik> New Wave Loop
Mono Generic Video Game Loop
Dippin New Wave Loop
Swag Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Parallel Diamonds New Wave Loop
Rolling Papers Hip Hop - Modern Song
Static Magnetics <Hektik> Dance Loop
Speed of Light New Wave Loop
Speed of Sound Nerdcore Song
THC Clouds Nerdcore Loop
Siren <Hektik> Nerdcore Loop
Comets <Hektik> Nerdcore Song
Forcefield Nerdcore Loop
Let's Celebrate New Wave Loop
Step Up <Hektik> Dubstep Song
Invasion <Hektik> New Wave Loop
Enchanted Forest Trance Loop
Discovery <Hektik> New Wave Song
Cypher Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Obsession New Wave Song
Subs and Dubs New Wave Song
2013 New Wave Song
Get Up!! New Wave Song
Imagination (Hektik) New Wave Song
Always Remember Classical Loop
Hiatus Over (Hektik) New Wave Song
Toxic Spill (Hektik) Techno Loop
Sitar Trance Trance Loop
Kicking Rocks (Hektik) General Rock Loop
Levitate (Hektik) Trance Song
Catch Me (Hektik) Dance Song
18 Seconds Video Game Loop
Faceless (Hektik) Dance Song
Infection (Hektik) Techno Song
Freak Show (Hektik) Miscellaneous Song
Violet's Melody New Wave Song
Valentine Lullaby (Hek) Miscellaneous Song
Morphine (Hektik) Hip Hop - Modern Song
1st Dubstep (Hektik) Dubstep Loop
Proton <Hektik> Video Game Loop
Lucid Adventure <Hektik> Miscellaneous Loop
Sleep Walking <Hektik> Miscellaneous Loop
Happy Melody :D <Hektik> Video Game Loop
Thank You <Hektik> Miscellaneous Loop
The Quest <Hektik> Miscellaneous Song
Elusive <Hektik> Techno Loop
Twilight Star <Hektik> New Wave Song
Solar Flare <Hektik> Miscellaneous Song
A Lil Tune <Hektik> Video Game Loop
Disturbed <Hektik> General Rock Loop
Yummy Energy <Hektik> Miscellaneous Loop
Double Crossed <Hektik> Miscellaneous Loop
My Galaxy <Hektik> Miscellaneous Song
Winter Silhouette <Hektik> Miscellaneous Song
Big Boy <Hektik> Miscellaneous Loop
Calm and Mellow <Hektik> New Wave Song
Distant Loop <Hektik> New Wave Loop
Rage <Hektik> Miscellaneous Loop
Race <Hektik> Techno Loop
Miracles of Life <Hektik> Miscellaneous Loop
Slowed Down <Hektik> Miscellaneous Loop
Day Dreams <Hektik> Ambient Song
Misty Sands <Hektik> Miscellaneous Loop
Winter Labyrinth <Hektik> Miscellaneous Song
Fist Your Face <Hektik> General Rock Song
I Don't Do Dubstep <Hektik> Techno Loop
Energy Field <Hektik> Miscellaneous Loop
Faith in the World <Hektik> Indie Loop
My DreamLand <Hektik> Video Game Loop
Twinkling Starlight <Hektik> Miscellaneous Song
Cyborg Dinosaur <Hektik> Miscellaneous Song
Holiday Storm <Hektik> Miscellaneous Song
It Fades Away <Hektik> Miscellaneous Song
Sakura Blossom <Hektik> Miscellaneous Loop
Dirrty South <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Halloween Driveby <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Song
Spooky Street <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Dreaded Sleep <Hektik> Miscellaneous Song
Dreaming in Space <Hektik> New Wave Song
Star Remnants <Hektik> Dance Loop
Star Energy <Hektik> New Wave Loop
Phantom Battle <Hektik> Miscellaneous Loop
Light at the End <Hektik> Miscellaneous Song
Instigator <Hektik> New Wave Song
Dancing Coconuts <Hektik> Dance Song
Moonwalker <Hektik> Miscellaneous Song
Mad Scientist <Hektik> Techno Song
Gravity Unknown <Hektik> New Wave Loop
Celestial Visions <Hektik> New Wave Loop
Action Adventure Loop <Hektik> Video Game Loop
Winning Her Back <Hektik> Ambient Loop
Chemical Spin <Hektik> New Wave Song
Mystery Cave <Hektik> Ambient Loop
So Soft <Hektik> Ambient Loop
Mellow Infinity <Hektik> New Wave Loop
Renegade <Hektik> Miscellaneous Loop
Roland of Gilead Miscellaneous Loop
Boop Bleep Bloop Beep <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Falling Feathers <Hektik> New Wave Song
StarMeadow <Hektik> New Wave Loop
In the Skies <Hektik> Miscellaneous Loop
Fight of the Samurai <Hektik> Miscellaneous Loop
StarField <Hektik> New Wave Song
Serial Killer <WIP> Miscellaneous Song
Robot Dance <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Panning for Gold <Hektik> New Wave Song
The MountainTops <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Song
Loop <Hektik> Techno Loop
Ambient Voyager <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Song
Redemption <Hektik> Classical Song
666 Miscellaneous Song
They're Coming <Hektik> Miscellaneous Song
Somewhere <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Song
Time Crunch <Hektik> Video Game Loop
Angel Flower <Hektik> Techno Song
Solrak <Hektik> House Song
Nautilus <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Song
The Congo <Hektik> Miscellaneous Song
Adventure Dream <Hektik> New Wave Song
In My Head <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Song
3000 AD <Hektik> Trance Song
Space 2115 <Hektik> Techno Loop
Simple Theme Music <Hektik> Video Game Loop
ReHashed <Hektik> Industrial Song
Happy Go Lucky <Hektik> Ambient Loop
Same Places <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Song
My Last Breath <Hektik> Indie Song
Malicious Intent <Hektik> Miscellaneous Song
Ready For Bed <Hektik> Miscellaneous Loop
Random Boss Battle <Hektik> Video Game Loop
The Watcher <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Song
Pulse <Hektik> Techno Song
Silence the Children Goth Song
Energy Candy <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Song
CrossOver <Hektik> Dance Song
Club Storm <Hektik> New Wave Song
Fallen Petals <Hektik> New Wave Song
Blazed <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Song
Cause/Effect <Hektik> Video Game Song
Hektik Space New Wave Song
Hektik Battle Anthem <Hektik> Miscellaneous Song
Planetary Allignment <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Song
Creatures Under the Bed General Rock Song
<Fear Itself> Miscellaneous Song
Sleepy Town Ambient Song
Out the Gate <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Song
Standard Formula <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Song
Electrum <Hektik> Video Game Song
Heavy Hitter <Hektik> Techno Song
Ambient Dream <Hektik> New Wave Song