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2017-10-01 18:44:30 by hektikmusic

I was going through folders of my music and decided to add all the tracks I've ever made into a single playlist. I discovered that I've made over 1,000 tracks totalling over 24 hrs of non-stop action o.O

I've lost music over the years, switching computers and stuff, but that's what I have now. Just amazing to me how dedicated I've been to sticking to this. Thanks NG for being awesom!, I love having a place to share my tracks, cool people that listen to them ;) and also a source of inspiration! So much awesomeness here!

So if there's anything to take from this it's that you should just do you. Do what you love, branch out, try new things, mix it all together! Peace out :D


2017-06-12 06:52:38 by hektikmusic

Summer is upon us! I just wanted to wish everyone a great season, hope everyone gets to enjoy the sunshine! Especially those that live in a "seasonal" place like I do. Don't expect me to slow down, I have about half a dozen tracks cookin' up right now. It's hard to finish them when I have musical ADD...I've got the MADD™!! Any way, stay tuned for more and don't forget I have a back catalogue of over 250 tracks!! Enjoy summer, people. I'll roast a marshmallow for each one of my fans <3


2016-08-08 19:32:34 by hektikmusic

I'm back with more tracks! Been a slow last couple of years but I still serve the tracks up fresh as often as possible!


2015-09-07 07:14:20 by hektikmusic

Hey guys, sorry I've been slow at creating tracks this year. Life is getting busy! Still in school, almost have my A.S. in Business Management then perhaps onto my Bachelor's Degree. Been running my own business, helping my girlfriend start hers, and of course having 2 kids keeps me pretty busy! Music remains as my longest-running passion so as long as I have free time, almost never, I'll still be making tracks! I just uploaded 6 beats so check them out and I'll try to crank out as many as I can before the year ends. Hope everyone is doing great and thanks for listening :)


2014-11-24 02:15:38 by hektikmusic

Well, 2014 was a big year for me and full of many great changes. Let's list them shall we:

1. Started going back to school for a business degree - still maintaining honor roll status :D

2. Bought a nice big house - seriously, it's fucking sweet and I loves it

3. Got the wheels rolling on my own business - it's something atleast

4. Had a beautiful baby girl - She's really number 1 but she made all these other things possible :)

I've been slow at releasing new music but as you can guess I'm a little preoccupied with life. I do make still make tracks however and have a bunch of new ones stockpiled up for later pleasures. Be sure to favorite me for the latest updates and as always if you want to use my music all I ask for is credit and a link to see what you've done. Thanks for listening to my stuff and enjoy the rest of 2014, 2015 is gonna be a big year!


2014-08-08 20:39:11 by hektikmusic

more tracks coming your way just hold on tight!!

More Music!!

2014-03-05 20:07:39 by hektikmusic

I've just been sitting on a pile of tracks that will be uploaded soon!! Be sure to stay tuned, check back often, and while you're at it check out the 100's of tracks already uploaded by me and tons of other great artists. Thanks and enjoy!!

I'm back!!

2012-09-11 15:02:32 by hektikmusic

I'm back with new sounds, new tracks, and I even made a baby girl while I was gone!! I'm doing it big folks, stay tuned for beats that'll kick your teeth in!!

I'm back!!

Music Hiatus :(

2012-04-22 06:31:52 by hektikmusic

I'm taking a short break from music due to real life drama and plus my stuff is in storage right now. Be back sometime this summer with tons of new and improved tracks!! If I have something you like feel free to use it as long as you give me credit and hook me up with a link. Hope you all enjoy the 120+ tracks I have up now and I'll see you all this summer!!


2012-02-20 05:00:46 by hektikmusic

Check out my first full length track, "Faceless".