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2015-09-07 07:14:20 by hektikmusic

Hey guys, sorry I've been slow at creating tracks this year. Life is getting busy! Still in school, almost have my A.S. in Business Management then perhaps onto my Bachelor's Degree. Been running my own business, helping my girlfriend start hers, and of course having 2 kids keeps me pretty busy! Music remains as my longest-running passion so as long as I have free time, almost never, I'll still be making tracks! I just uploaded 6 beats so check them out and I'll try to crank out as many as I can before the year ends. Hope everyone is doing great and thanks for listening :)


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2015-09-07 21:15:07

woowww someone's a busy bee lol, grats on the degree as well! what kind of business do you run?

hektikmusic responds:

Just a friendly toy store but I dabble on the side :D