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Fun game, I wish it was more important to upgrade the dragon and fight waves instead of just get as much gold as quickly as possible and then upgrade the environment until the game is over. It was fun though and challenging! I look forward to a sequel with more ways to play, hopefully :)

Domo76 responds:

Hey, thanks a lot! Yes hopefully there will be a sequel in 2018 with more focus on the battle with the dragon and a bit more complex economy system. Stay tuned!!


EBF is easily my favoritest flashgame series :) Look forward to the next installment!

I don't like the launch method of setting out ships. Dragging them and click them to start/stop is super inefficient and really dragged down the gameplay to me.

This is a great job for a first game. The mechanics and stuff were really smooth. The bullets coming from outside and forming a circle around me was something I haven't seen in a buttet hell game, kudos! The music is also awesome and I'm not just saying that cuz I made the title track :p Good work, keep progressing!!

brokeman11 responds:

Thanks so much for the kind words. It took some doing, but I wanted to create bullet mechanics that would give even touhou players notice. And, kudos to you as well. The instant I heard Titan, I knew I found my title song. Enjoy!

This game was developed by Russians!!

I guess I'll review this since it's been years and my tracks is in it XD well it's actually pretty cool but you should stick to battle rapping!

Kwing responds:

This is definitely old. More than anything, I realized you could make these cool patterns just by messing around with code and decided to upload what I had. Looking back it might have been neat to have a color randomizing system, but I actually feel pretty good about this one. If you check out my newest game Hungry Joe you'll see I'm no slacker in the programming department!

After 1.5 years you finally released this game! Congrats on making it, I was going through my old tracks and stumbled upon this gem when I saw that you did finally uploaded a game using my track as you requested. Thanks for giving me proper credit :) Your concept is pretty cool but I think that the counter should still go down 1% even when you hit it perfectly so that the game doesn't go on forever. My fingers are like a metronome lol don't stop putting your creativity to use :)

Penry responds:

thanks for the review, (and of course the music! ) Thanks for the suggestion abou the lowering of the % counter, behind the scenes the counter is measuring in 60ths of a second, so to keep the game going forever your metronomic fingers would need to be acurate to 17 milliseconds every time :) . I'm about to upload another game today with your track in too (which i started about a year ago ! !)

Your dad is my hero

sick!! thanks for using my track!!

challenging gameplay and awesome music :)

just a father of 3 that makes tracks in my spare time :)

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